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AdVanced Water Pumps

We are working to develop a more energy-efficient water pump for the MIT Water Innovation Prize Competition.

LifeSimple Solutions

We are designing an innovative outdoor shelter that features a water filtration system exhibiting zero net energy demand.

Free Water from Thin Air

Using a novel sorbent technology, we will produce potable water from air humidity using only solar thermal energy


Our solution, Aquacero is an intelligent water meter which is equipped with an ultrasonic flow sensor, a temperature sensor and pressure sensor. It has an inbuilt Actuator and a long lasting battery pack. Aquacero sends data to the cloud via a collector using home wifi or mobile network.
It is a digital intelligent water management system capable of managing the following features remotely via mobile app and cloud analytics
• Detecting and preventing water leaks
• Detecting and preventing frozen pipes anywhere in your home or office.
• Allowing users to manage water consumption within their homes by measuring and providing smart water flow reports.


Enorasy has patented and developed ocean wave energy converters, characterized by DOE as "unique". Enorasy will "unlock" ocean power and provide lower than grid-parity electricity to desalination plants, thus dramatically transforming the ocean water desalination industry.

Water Accessibility Enhancement

I've worked on the invention of a water pump that can operate without supervision, electrical energy, human-powered mechanical energy (such as a hand crank system), or a high-velocity water stream (such as a ram pump). This pump can really improve the lives of those in need in developing nations by improving water accessibility.


We are looking for a technician able to improve and manage a big data platform, big technical skills and self motivation.


We are working in development of a silver nanoparticles filtration systems, is a social business model idea, that it will be to implemented in poor communities in Colombia. In this way, we intend to improve people’s quality of life.

Omkar Bhandakkar | View Profile

I am master's student of Energy Engineering at University of Massachusetts, Lowell. I can contribute technical skills and research work which can be helpful for any innovation.

Sarvarbek Eltazarov | View Profile

Specialist on GIS and Remote Sensing technologies, environmental science, climate change, agricultural and soil science with certificates on applications of GIS and Remote Sensing technologies training courses and joined master degree on environmental science at Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration (Uzbekistan), which focused on environmental system analysis and applying GIS and Remote Sensing technologies in environmental issues and spatial data analyses as well as issues concerning climate change studies. My research interests are applying GIS and Remote Sensing techniques for decision making process such as natural resources management, environmental and climate change adaptation strategies for sustainable development of land and water resource management. Currently I am employed as consultant on GIS and Remote Sensing technologies at the International Water Management Institute (Central Asia Office).

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